Explore the 'Nature of Romance' at SSCA

​Don't be lame this Valentine's Day and go the easy route with dinner, a movie, and a predictable gift. Your mate will be much more impressed with a bit more creativity. 

Minneapolis-based community arts center Stevens Square Center for the Arts (SSCA) can help you avoid the expected with its new Valentine-inspired group exhibition, "The Nature of Romance."


​Curated by J.M. Culver, the wide array of local art in the "The Nature of Romance" exhibit aims at revealing capricious ways of--you guessed it--nature and romance, and how the two intersect. As a whole, the show is said to be enticing and eclectic, with paintings, sculpture, installations, and even taxidermy on display. 

Sandra Dowd is a Minneapolis-based painter and performance artist, who blends images of the human form with aspects directly from nature. Alex Kuno is another participating artist, a painter who combines the whimsy of fairytales with peculiar landscapes. Joe Sinness, Raina Belleau, Michael Wong, Elisa Kari Berry, and James Lamis are also contributing artists.

The opening reception this Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m. includes music by DJ Dedmondson and is free to attend. The exhibit will remain open at the SSCA gallery through March 13, which gives you plenty of time to get your sweetie there for a romantic and creative date.