Expensive Halloween costumes, 2012 edition

Some folks go overboard on their cookie baking at Christmastime. Others throw awesome Fourth of July celebrations. And then there are the individuals who love to go all out with their Halloween costumes. While many go the homemade route, those with bigger budgets might be considering purchasing something really elaborate. We took a moment to surf the web in search of the newest, priciest get ups on the market this season, from LED masks to body armor to mustaches.

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Halo 3 Master Chief: $1,155.56

Sometimes playing the video game just isn't enough. Sometimes you want to live the dream. With this one-size-fits-all costume, you can do just that. Unfortunately, the price tag will probably put a big dent in your gaming budget.
Josie White Pegasus costume: $309.99

Frankly, there isn't much about this costume that reads "winged horse." However, this pricey look could potentially be pretty versatile. With a few tweaks each year, you can turn it into a variety of get ups, including a sexy angel, a sexy snow bunny, a sexy white cat, or a sexy... hooker.

Pinhead mask: $1,800

After Halloween you can use this mask as super-freaky decor in an office, a bedroom, or a closet shelf.

Vixen Versailles costume: $294.99

This historically accurate garment can be reused as a Renaissance Festival getup. However, should you actually find yourself magically transported back to the time of Marie Antoinette, you're going to want to cover your legs up.

Avengers Thor costume: $299.99

Not included: Chris Hemsworth's pecs.


Sensei Master costume: $15,195.77

Sure, the outfit is basically drapery, but having glue-on eyebrows like that is priceless.

Catwoman costume: $299.99
This pricey costume has been selling out on various Halloween websites. Meaning, you might pay about $300 to get the look only to discover that you're not be the only one rocking it at the party.

LWS Deadmau5 head: $2,500

This getup also comes in handy at raves, and can double as a kick-ass nightlight. 

'70s man wig and mustache: $999.99

Breaking news: Guys can get this Halloween look for free with a little planning.

Vicious viking bombshell costume: $269.99

You probably won't be wearing this one outside for trick-or-treating, but it could double as a cosplay look at a CON in the spring.
Dragon Lord costume: $174.95

Paired with the Vicious Viking, it's a power-couple costume look.

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