Exclusive Maxim Super Bowl Party reportedly featured lost coats, sexual harassment

Getty Images for blu

Getty Images for blu

Super Bowl weekend offered a slew of glam parties. What constitutes glam, however, may differ. This may be especially true in the case of Maxim's party at Karma last Saturday night.

Many paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to attend the Super Bowl party in downtown Minneapolis. The event was open bar, and Post Malone, DJ Marshmello, and Cardi B played sets.

Molly Rennick, a model at the party, has posted an epic review/manifesto on the event, itemizing all the things that went wrong that night. 

One problem was "the overserving of alcohol then early closing of the washrooms, which were port-a-potties in a tent, which meant you had to walk down slippery stairs in heels, out into the cold, just to use the washroom which closed at 1:00 and the party went til 4:00."

She also mentions a lack of food, seating, and inappropriate harassement from revelers.

One problem was "the treatment of the models by the sexually harassing men who felt because they had the money to buy an overpriced ticket, therefore had the right to grope us," she states.


She's not the only one with complaints, especially concerning the coat check. According to a piece published Sunday afternoon on WCCO, some attendees posted live videos of the chaos as they waited for their belongings.

Though Maxim's event page features comments reflecting better experiences, Rennick points out that people are posting images of the coats they had to leave behind that night that are getting scrubbed from the site.