Ewan McGregor looks like the son of Riff Raff and Tom Selleck in 'Fargo' trailer

This diner sign knows what's up.

This diner sign knows what's up.

A new trailer for season three of Fargo is out.

It doesn't tell us much, but Ewan McGregor's almost unrecognizable visage is obviously the teaser here, and that's enough.

After last season's '70s blood bath the FX show is moving to closer to the present. The year is 2010. McGregor plays twins who couldn't be more different: Emmit is a successful car dealership owner... who may have mafia ties; Ray is a parole officer without much going for him.

We're guessing in this trailer that we're seeing a glimpse of Ray in the diner. Sitting next to him is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, last seen wearing a hoop skirt on the Civil War-era Mercy Street. Here she's looking rough and ready for a night clubbing as a recent parolee.

Also spotted in the trailer is Carrie Coon as Eden Valley Chief of Police, and a busted 'Diner' sign that spells 'Di...e.'

Yes, we antcipate that there will be blood.

Also showing up this season is David Thewlis (Harry Potter).

The premiere airs on FX at 9 p.m. on April 19. You'll have to wait until then to see if the cast can pull off the accents this season, as the trailer is mostly quiet.