Ewan McGregor called our Minnesota accents 'bonkers' at the Golden Globes: Can we ever forgive him?

How could you?

How could you? Paul Drinkwater/AP

Some folks tuned into Sunday's 75th annual Golden Globe Awards for the fashion. Some for the political commentary. Some for The Oprah. Hardly anyone anticipated a renegade Scotsman zinging an entire state, but that's exactly what happened. 

It all started when Ewan McGregor won Best Actor in a Limited Series for his work on FX's Fargo, the celebrated TV adaptation of the classic, Minnesota-set Coen brothers film. Good, great. At face value, that includes enough regional ties and recognition to satisfy our constant Minnesota thirst for regional ties and recognition. Then McGregor started talking. 

"Oh goodness, thank you very much. Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this, it's really lovely." 

The 46-year-old actor proceeded to thank FX, MGM, the writers, directors, and crew, all of which checks out by us.

But, as McGregor rattled off names, he suddenly slid a dagger straight through our flyover hearts. 

"Elizabeth Himelstein," he said, addressing his show's dialect coach, "Thanks for helping me with that bonkers accent." 

WTF man! Replay from the 19-second mark, over and over and over, for the shocking proof. 

As MPR rehashed in 2016, we are still not cool with outsiders thinking we sound like tundra-forsaken yokels, even with 20-plus years of emotional healing after the original Fargo. Also, McGregor speaks with a Scottish accent, and Silicon Valley can't even program a robot capable of understanding those noises. 

In a fit of debilitating rage, this celebrity blogger blacked out after McGregor's vicious barb, but I'm told he went on to thank his estranged wife plus his current girlfriend, resulting in minor #drama. For Minnesotans, however, the real drama was his "bonkers" jab, as witnessed by our indignant tidal wave of tweets.

At least one Minnesota native posed an important/insecure/fatalistic/apparently pollable question on Twitter, the very question we'll pose to you: Can you ever forgive Ewan McGregor for his assault on our ridiculous way of speaking? 

Oh jeez ... let's find out. 

Can you ever forgive Ewan McGregor?
Never. This is worse than the Grape Salad debacle, if that's even possible.
Possibly. But he'll have to apologize from atop Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge.
Of course. Even passive aggression is bad for your health.
Wait ... why are we mad at Ewan McGregor?