Eric Wareheim on his foodie friendship with Aziz Ansari and his dreams to become a ballerina

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In a hotel room in Boston, Massachusetts, Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show [Great Job!] fame preps for a day of phone interviews before playing another sold out show with Tim Heidecker in Beantown.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show

Historic State Theatre

“Um, yeah, I do get nervous before sold out shows,” he confesses. “That’s the insecure, nervous kid in me that comes out when I’m going to New York City, and there’s three sold out shows. There’s a lot of pressure, but at the same time, by the time we get out there, we’re pretty confident. We’ve been doing this a while. We love doing it. Doing live shows is way more fun than shooting TV; making TV is very hard. With a live show, you get out there, and you do it for two and a half hours, then you’re done. The adrenaline makes it fun.”

Wareheim and Heidecker are currently on tour to raise a glass to the 10 years that have passed since they debuted their show. During that decade, the duo has seen their friendship grow and change and both have taken on different projects.

For example, during his time away from Tim and Eric, Wareheim reconnected with his old friend Aziz Ansari, and spent some time directing episodes of Ansari’s Netflix series, Master of None. When there was no one to fill in for the role of Arnold Baumheiser, Wareheim stepped in front of the camera.

Wareheim’s working relationships tends to gravitate toward people he has an affinity for, and most of the times they are already his close friends. In Ansari, he found the perfect foodie companion.

“We were both going through a growth in our careers where we found we could actually afford to eat out, so we would see each other and say, ‘Let’s have dinner,’” Wareheim shares. “He was even more invested in it than me. He went to Italy to learn how to make pasta. I traveled and went to wine producers. We do that in our personal life because we’re so into the process. It’s really about how food associates itself culturally... It’s really a magical thing. We bonded over that.”

Wareheim found a kinship with Heidecker over 20 years ago in college. “Tim is definitely the funniest guy I’ve ever met. It’s hard to perform with him, because every night he improvises and kills. He just slays. He’s so funny. When I first met him in college, everyone else was stoners and waste-aways. Tim was like, ‘Let’s do a band. Let’s do this. Let’s work on the weekend. Let’s make a poster.’ You’re drawn to other people that are motivated. Luckily, we caught each other really early.”

With all of his successes that he has achieved, Wareheim feels he still has far to go. Outside of writing a top secret feature film based on human sexuality that he says would surprise people in that it’s not a comedic piece, the one thing he has not yet achieved is his goal to be a male ballerina.

“I’ve been trying to train my body, but there's too many lobster rolls to get into the shape that I need to be a male ballerina. But I’ll get there. I’m still a young man. I’m still flexible.”


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