Envision Artopia: The looks + Photobooth

Envision Artopia: The looks + Photobooth
Cliche at Envision - Photo by Stacy Schwartz

Envision Artopia unofficially kicked off Fashion Week on Saturday at the Graves Hotel with a show that superseded last year by a noticeable margin and truly delivered the goods when it came to style, production, and overall charm. We'll post a more thorough recap once we've had a bit of rest but

here are Stacy Schwartz's runway shots

of both the participating boutiques and designers. Some of our favorites were Peloria's cute cut-out designs, Rose White's practical yet fresh take on Spring 2010, and Sarah M. Holm's dark (and slightly Batman-ish) edge.

Envision Artopia: The looks + Photobooth
Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster

Meanwhile, you've probably noticed one of our favorite things to do is take pictures of you and your friend enjoying yourselves out at Twin Cities events (that wasn't meant to sound creepy, really). Our own Denis Jeong Plaster set up a Photobooth at Envision Artopia and snapped nearly 100 shots of pretty people and their dates, coworkers and friends.

You can check out the eye candy here.

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