Emma Berg's gift for Gaga

Emma Berg's gift for Gaga
Berg in her design for Lady Gaga

Local designer Emma Berg was recently commissioned to design a gift for Lady Gaga. The Xcel Energy Center--who hosted the singer's two Twin Cities performances--wanted to gift Gaga with something inspired by Minnesota. Berg chose our state flower, the Ladyslipper. We chatted with Emma about her inspiration and her thoughts on the pop star.

Jane Belfry: What were your first thoughts when you were approached to design a piece for such a huge celebrity?

Emma Berg: I was honored, eager, and nervous. Lady Gaga's appreciation for fashion is refreshingly delightful and to create something that could catch her attention when she is surrounded by such amazing pieces all the time was daunting. For "Telephone" alone she worked with not only Brian Lichtenberg but also Viktor & Rolf and many others. Who knows if I was successful or not, but regardless I am proud of the final garment and grateful for the opportunity.

Emma Berg's gift for Gaga
A close up of Berg's jacket

Jane Belfry: What was your inspiration?

Emma Berg: The piece was commissioned by Xcel Center and needed to pull inspiration from Minnesota, thus the Lady Slipper theme. I also wanted to highlight the recent religious iconography of "Alejandro" with a Mary/halo-type collar.

JB: How do you feel about Lady Gaga's outrageous style?

EB: I love that she looks like a walking art piece. The looks that she puts together are a surreal version of a pop star. I love it.

JB: Where would you picture Gaga wearing the piece that you designed for her?

EB: I designed it as something that she could wear while just out--at the airport, showing up to the club, anywhere. Tossed over a satin body suit, fishnets, and a pair of night walkers or thigh high boots, of course!

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