Ellen gives Hewing Hotel a Twitter shout-out for extra romantic bed

Now that's what we call a romantic celeb gesture!

Now that's what we call a romantic celeb gesture! AP/Alex Brandon; Twitter

Romantic celeb gesture alert! In our very town, no less. 

That's right: Earlier this week, comedian/TV personality Ellen DeGeneres surprised her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, with an extra romantic night at the Hewing Hotel. De Rossi's hotel bed in Minneapolis' North Loop was covered in rose petals shaped like a heart, if we're to believe Ellen's extremely popular Twitter account:

Rose petals and hearts are go-to items in Cupid's toolbox, City Pages has learned. Potato chips? Not so much. But Ellen's too savvy to fall into that ol' trap: 

CP reached out to the Hewing for a potentially adorable backstory, but we haven't heard back. The Star Tribune, however, managed to snag this enthused PR response from the hotel: 

"Yes, we can confirm that Portia stayed at the Hewing Hotel earlier this week. Ellen was not there with her. There are no additional details to share at this time."


De Rossi -- who made headlines this week for exposing (alleged) Hollywood dick-exposer Steven Seagal -- also popped into Herbivorous Butcher‏ during her Minneapolis trip. Here she is at the vegan butcher shop in Northeast: 

Thus concludes this romantic celeb gesture alert. Have a sexy weekend.