Eat Art exhibit at Interact Studio

(Artwork by: David Wright)
Starting this Thursday, local artists at Interact Studio's Inside Out Gallery will present their food inspired creations from paintings made with coffee ink to veggie infused textiles at the "Eat Art" exhibit in the North Loop. 

Open to the public through September 15, the Eat Art exhibit features original artwork and unique handmade gifts all food related and designed by Interact Center's artists. 
Eat Art exhibit at Interact Studio
But Thursday night's opening reception will be filled with food in all facets; artful food, edible food, and sweet sounding food from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. And that doesn't mean you'll be serenaded by sound of someone chopping celery or onions. 

The Minneapolis Vegetable Orchestra's inaugural performance will take place Thursday night too. Literally, they will be playing music using only vegetables. The musicians, a group of artists combined from local bands including the Brass Messengers, Almandina, Pacha Mama Band, Southside Aces, Painted Saints, and Poor Nobodys, carve out their instruments from legumes like cucumbers and carrots. 

Using the same techniques as any flutist or percussionist, these musicians can cook up quite the concert. But get there early, as the veggie concert will last only until the instruments begin to wilt

The Interact Center is the only center of its kind recognized nationally to offer professional-level training, performances, and exhibits for artists with disabilities. A place for actors, writers, painters, sculptors, and musicians to flourish, the Interact Center has become a vital performance and visual arts community in the Twin Cities. (Artwork by: Bob Williams)

Interact Studio Inside Out Gallery
212 3rd Ave, Minneapolis

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