Dustin's 'Stranger Things 2' Science Museum of MN hoodie: You can buy it now!

Dustin: Lookin' good and reppin' Minnesota, even in the Upside Down World.

Dustin: Lookin' good and reppin' Minnesota, even in the Upside Down World. Netflix

[Update: High demand is crashing the Science Museum of Minnesota website. "It’s a temporary problem, so we’re advising interested people to check back in a bit," museum reps tell City Pages. "And we’ve got the hoodies here in the Explore Store -- and no lines right now."]

Typically, Minnesota news outlets have to dig deep to unearth the treasured "local angle" behind every pop-culture phenomenon.

But Stranger Things 2 -- the smash-hit, 1980s-set Netflix sci-fi series -- did the heavy lifting for us. Specifically, the costume department did when it outfitted character Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) with a kickass Science Museum of Minnesota sweatshirt.

In the debut episode of its second season, which dropped October 27, Stranger Things featured the lovable, foul-mouthed, demodog-harboring tot in the retro "Thunder Lizard" hoodie. The St. Paul museum's PR team smartly/quickly seized on the screen-grab, thus accruing sweet, sweet social media currency. And now, beginning 8 a.m., November 7, the museum will begin capitalizing on our Minnesota hearts by selling several variations of the hoodie, thus accruing literal U.S. currency. 

We're talkin' $15-$40 for replicas of Dustin's sweatshirt, which was actually sold in the Science Museum's Explore Store in the '80s, the museum reports. You can buy 'em online here, or visit the Explore Store starting at 9:30 a.m., where there's a limit of two per customer. Museum members get 10 percent off; sweatshirt, T-shirt, and crew-neck designs are available. And buyer beware: Knockoff shirts have flooded the internet, and the museum doesn't see a dime from those viral piggybackers. 

Expect the sweatshirts to go as fast as Eleven's subplot as a punk-rock teen vigilante. For a spookier and groovier shopping experience, dial up the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack while punching in your credit card info; this blog was absolutely written to that synth-packed score. 

Here's a look at the new "Thunder Lizard" sweatshirts: