Ducobi toy launch party features original art from locals

This week art and toy collectors will celebrate Ducobi's first edition vinyl RB series at a launch party at Manufactory. In addition to selling toys that you can take home and decorate yourself, several local artists will be auctioning off their creative takes on the blank, bear-shaped dolls.

[jump] The toys are new on the market, and were created by designers from Korea, Japan, and Minnesota (local designer Sue Bae is a founder of Ducobi). While the toys for sale are made from vinyl, the first pieces were actually constructed from mother-of-pearl inlay and lacquer finish. These art creations will also be on display during the party.

To honor the new vinyl series Manufactory invited 12 local artists to create custom pieces. Artists displaying and auctioning their efforts include Erin Currie (Cursters toys), artist Jennifer Davis, art/design group MouseSaw, Tom Hazelmyer (Ox-Op), and Jon Sweet and Nic Skrade of Uptown Tattoo.

The celebration runs from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, December 2 at Manufactory in the Lyn-Lake area of Minneapolis (2648 Lyndale Ave. S.). You can get a feel for Ducobi toys over at their website. Check out Jennifer Davis' design below.