Duckface: A Minnesota epidemic?

Miley: Duckface queen
Miley: Duckface queen

OK, we got the message some 439,923 photos ago: You're coy, you're cute and you want us to make out with you. Of course we're referring to the worldwide  epidemic referred to across the interwebs as "duckface," wherein the subject of photograph puckers his or her lips beyond decency in a bizarre social media mating ritual that can't possibly be effective but continues relentlessly. One popular blog is dedicated to duckface ridicule and most recently posted "Minnesota Duckfaces."  Great. There goes our rep.

Duckface: A Minnesota epidemic?



apparently includes Minnesotans posing shamelessly, and were turned in by friends (some friends!) of the offender. When all is said and done we really just have three words for the Twin Cities on this subject: That's not hot. And if that doesn't work, just remember Miley.

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