Drone footage of empty St. Paul is making us cry [VIDEO]

Sky Candy Studios

Sky Candy Studios

We'll beat you to the joke: Wait, isn't that the same as pre-coronavirus St. Paul?

Har, har, har.

Earlier this month, Michael Welsh and Jay Christensen of Sky Candy Studios brought us gorgeously lonely drone footage of downtown Minneapolis, and now they're back with a clip of our famously sleepy capital looking even sleepier.

"We felt we needed to give Saint Paul some love because of its rich history and beautiful architecture," Welsh tells us. "This city has so much to offer."

Sky Candy's St. Paul video takes us swooshing over deserted landmarks like the Palace Theatre, Xcel Energy Center, the Cathedral, Allianz Field, Mickey's Diner (aka Minnesota's Waffle House), and several others. It's beautiful. It's eerie. It's a fitting visual postcard from this bizarre blip of history we're currently battling through.

But enough of my yammering! Join the 85,000-plus other folks who've already watched "A Tale of Twin Cities: St. Paul":