Drinking with rainbows: Artists Angel Hawari and Sara Syverhus at Sidhe Brewery

Block print hat for sale by Sara Syverhus

Block print hat for sale by Sara Syverhus

With all the new breweries popping up, it’s no surprise that they’re suddenly becoming major hotspots — not just for drinking, but for arts and culture stuff, too. Sidhe Brewery, for example, regularly features comedy, dancing, and other entertainment offerings, even staffing a curator to choose their rotating selection of artists.

Currently on view at the brewery is work by Angel Hawari and Sara Syverhus, two artists who have often worked together. They'll be holding court at an artists' reception on Friday.

Hawairi and Syverhus met about 10 years ago, and became fans of each other's style. “I always loved her color palette and the way she renders things in a painterly way,” Hawari says of Syverhus.

The two have a lot of similarities in their work. “We’re both whimsical,” Syverhus says. “We are both interested in science and spirituality. We are both kind of dreamers.”

They’ve shown pieces together at shows here and there, and just had an exhibition at Dunn Brothers.

Hawari often displays her art in coffee shops through opportunities she finds through word of mouth. It’s great for when she has work that she wants to get out of her studio. Syverhus frequently shows pieces at coffee shops, too, selling a couple of paintings each time. It can be hit or miss sometimes. “I like to have work there for people to enjoy. I get a lot of people that say, 'Thank you for putting your work here,'” Syverhus says.


At Sidhe Brewery, the two artists have found a very inviting group of people open to a creative atmosphere. The curator, Shandai Kurylo, helped them hang the work and plan out how things will be shown in the space. Another bonus is that Sidhe’s West St. Paul location is very neighborly. “It’s kind of refreshing; it’s connected to a taco shop,” Syverhus says.

Syverhus plans to show oil paintings primarily, with a few large-scale pieces. “There’s lots of layered movement and bright colors — almost psychedelic,” she says.

Hawari, meanwhile, will be exhibiting pencil on paper drawings covering a range of subjects. One of them is a Mandarin duck spirit, a character that “looks like a Western angel with an Asian twist,” she says. This follows her interest in animal shape shifting, as well as images inspired by art history and folk tales. “I have always loved fine art and symbolism and art that tells stories,” she says.

Friday’s event will include over 40 drawings and paintings, plus prints and clothing for sale. Afterwards, stick around for some belly dancing by Geek Slink, and a cosplay contest. 

The artists' reception takes place Friday, August 21, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Sidhe Brewery at 752 Jenks Avenue in West St. Paul.