Dressing Room's top 5 most-read posts of 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a moment to look back at some of the Dressing Room's most-read posts of the year. Some were controversial, others were awe-inspiring, and there were quite a few posts that were simply a lot of fun.

Who knows what the new year will bring, but the things people got up to this year was pretty entertaining. We have high hopes for 2012.

1) Bare-breasted Venus on MIA's Titian billboard graffiti-bombed with bra

A graffiti artist with a sweet sense of humor spray-painted a bra onto a billboard featuring a naked woman. Last January was a cruel month, so perhaps the artist was simply being considerate. Clear Channel eventually took the billboard down

2) 50 Reasons Minnesota is the best state in America

We shared our reasons for loving the state of Minnesota. You shared yours, as well as your reasons for hating our state.

3) "Wigger Wednesday": Black student sues school district alleging racism

A Red Wing High School student sues for racial discrimination over "Wigger Wednesday," a dress-up day where some students dressed offensively.

4) Roger 'Ice Man' Hanson builds a 64-foot ice castle in his backyard

Roger Hanson built an amazing ice castle, and people came to see it. You can also watch the sun melt the castle to crashing point here.

5) Top 10 most expensive Halloween costumes of 2011

Got a couple grand? These costumes are awesome.

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