Dim Media Collaborates with Angel Hawari at ditch. Gallery

<i>Sacred Seer</i> (detail)

Sacred Seer (detail)

Multimedia arts group Dim Media opens a new show this Thursday called "Desiderium Vulgaris," which translates from Latin to mean "circumstances of the human condition." The exhibition, presented by ditch. Gallery, highlights the group's focus on collaborative processes, with a particular theme of graffiti and urban art. 

As a group, Dim Media has been collaborating for the past 10 years. They've put out small publications such as zines and graphic novels, often with a focus on a surrealist style. Members all have roots in comics and children's books, and they've branched out to produce publications such as the Coffee Crumbs zine and an illustrated horror short-story series called Blue Flame

Dim Media have also done murals, including one at Señor Wong's in Lowertown St. Paul, which they made in 2012 with funding from Irrigate. They've done live painting events, they have a podcast, and once or twice a year they exhibit work at local venues and events like galleries, coffee shops, clubs, salons, and Art-A-Whirl. 

"Desiderium Vulgaris" pays homage to graffiti, honing in on the urban environment. It even incorporates bricks that are mounted on portable walls in the gallery. The show is mostly a collaborative effort, with much of the work created through an evolutionary process with the artists working together. In addition to the four Dim Media members -- Charles Denton, Blaine Garrett, Joe Lipscomb, and Ivy Sendrijas -- included in the show, the exhibition features guest artist Angel Hawari and her intensely detailed insects.

Denton will also be showing a solo piece, Portal #2, which he created for a different series. "It's kind of dark and scary," he says. Shaped like a door, the work has a narrative behind it that ties into the other pieces featured in the show. 

The opening reception will include beverages and snacks, plus music by Empathy Cell, Silky Lolita, and Ian Lehman. 


"Desiderium Vulgaris"

Featuring Dim Media and Angel Hawari


400 First. Ave. N., Minneapolis

The opening reception on Thursday, March 26, goes from 6 to 9 p.m.

Through May 31