'Devotion' takes the stage at the Walker


Poetry-inspired dance by renowned choreographer Sarah Michelson will hit the stage this Thursday evening at the Walker Art Center's McGuire Theater. 

Devotion, a Walker-commissioned piece, sprung out of a work by Richard Maxwell, and is yet another spellbinding addition to Michelson's repertoire.


Choreographer Michelson is known for her provocative and original movements, and her latest creation, Devotion, is no different.

The new piece originated from a ballet story by playwright Richard Maxwell. The collaboration between the poetry and dance by these two distinctive artists results in a haunting production that can only be experienced live.

Devotion is comprised of work by four dancers and two actors who intertwine emotions of varying degrees, exploring the restlessness and uncertainty that can exist between people.


The actors include Jim Fletcher and James Tyson, both of whom have performed in Maxwell's plays before. The dancers include veteran Eleanor Hullihan, Nicole Manorino, Rebecca Warner, and 13-year-old, Bessie Award winner Non Griffiths. 

Performance begin at 8 p.m. Thursday night, and showcase Michelson's fondness for creating unique visions with movement that lure in audiences, all the while keeping them scratching their heads at the ideas behind the dance. Devotion runs through Saturday.

Tickets are $18.