deVine Film Festival: "It's really interesting how much people can fit into a six-second video."

deVine Film Festival: "It's really interesting how much people can fit into a six-second video."

Paying attention to stuff is hard. 

Movies, books, TV, text messages; they can all get super boring if given too much time. That's why Vine is awesome.

If you aren't familiar, Vine is the latest social media frenzy, allowing people to create funny, unique, and thought-provoking six-second videos and post them online immediately. This weekend, the Twin Cities will host its first-ever happening dedicated completely to Vine when the deVine Film Festival takes over the Comedy Corner Underground this Sunday night.
"I loved the 10 Second Film Festival," says Andy Erikson, organizer of the event. "When I heard it wasn't happening this year, my boyfriend Alex and I decided we wanted to do something to make up for it."

Erikson says that she received more than 100 submissions ranging from funny to shocking to feline.

"It's really interesting how much people can fit into a six-second video," she says. "Some of the stuff I got was really shocking or crude; like people wanted to make me feel embarrassed. I guess people like to be shocking."

Still, the local comedy sensation weeded through the good, the bad, and the dirty, and found enough material for a solid one-hour festival.

"I think we're going to have around six videos per category, looped over and over," Erikson says of the format for Sunday night. "We'll have categories like cats, artists, whatever, and then the winner of each category will win like $200. I'm not sure exactly how many people we'll have for each category. I guess whatever it takes to fill an hour."

Aside from the micro-sized videos, Erikson says that her and her boyfriend/co-organizer Alex Stein will also perform standup sets that will force attendees to pay attention for more than six seconds.

But while Erikson and Stein will serve as a distraction from the ADD festival, the videos will remain the main attraction. While similar Vine-themed events have happened in other parts of the country, she's excited about being the first to bring the idea to the Twin Cities.

"The festival is going to be fun and weird," she laughs. "It's a way to bring Vine to life outside of just your phone."


deVine Film Festival

Coemdy Corner Underground
18+. $9. 8 p.m. 
More details here

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The Corner Bar

1501 Washington Ave. S.
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