Desparate Housewives' Ricardo Antonio Chavira, to star in Guthrie's "Streetcar"


Seems ​Ricardo Antonio Chavira will be traveling from Wisteria Lane to Elysian Fields Avenue this summer. Today the Guthrie announced that the Desperate Housewives player will be appearing in the iconic role of Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire. Now, Stanley is a role which requires a lot of macho swagger and pretending to commit acts of drunken loutishness and outright hypocritical criminality. Chavira might not be a complete stranger to depicting such things, though.  

Sure, Stanley Kowalski got drunk and hit his wife, inexcusably ruined Blanche DuBois, and gave Marlon Brando a vehicle for frightening people. But Carlos Solis, Chavira's character for six seasons on Housewives, built a resume for himself that has included switching his wife's birth control pills, committing hate crimes, going to prison for dodgy money deals, and driving a woman to attempt suicide. 

Of course Carlos was sufficiently tormented by his scheming, destructive ways to make attempts at change. Stanley, for his part, leaves the stage after one of the most cruel and desolate endings around (amid trappings of normality). 

Chavira's Minnesota connection springs from 1999, when he took part in A Guthrie Experience for Actors in Training, appearing at the old Guthrie Lab in productions of The Long Walk and Jack and Jill. Streetcar marks his Guthrie mainstage debut. Tickets are available now here for $24-$60; the show will run July 9 through August 21. 

Final note: despite the bad behavior of the male characters they contain, Streetcar is a mind-blowing evergreen drama, while Housewives is just another TV show (lest there be any confusion).