Designers Tim and Thom Navarro hope to make Twin Cities fashion a community, not a scene

Alex Butterfield

Alex Butterfield

Now in its fourth year, the 2017 Black Hearts Ball returns to the American Swedish Institute this Friday as part of Fashion Week MN. The black-and-white ball is produced by fashion designers (and brothers) Tim and Thom Navarro, and focuses on the art of fashion and what it takes to get that art in front of people.

Another goal for the night is inclusiveness. “Whether you’re behind the scenes or attending as a guest, we want it to resonate that you belong,” says Thom.

When there's collaboration and inclusivity, the fashion industry and its supporters “becomes a community instead of a scene,” says Tim.

It's not just the designers who will be showcased that evening. The party will “shine light on every aspect of fashion,” says Thom. A quick perusal of the event’s Facebook page or the official website reinforces that idea of not just putting the spotlight on the clothes and fashion designers, but on the hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, promoters, and production team as well.

Opera will be paired with garments, as opposed to the fast-paced, beat-driven runway music guests may be used to. While most designers probably weren't listening to opera as they worked, Thom says that the music performed alongside the runway show is meant “to bring out the sound of their designs.”

A more moderately paced show also allows for guests to pay more attention to the pieces and styling details. “[Fashion is] a higher art and needs to be respected,” says Tim.

Hair stylist and salon owner Mahogany Plautz will emcee for the night. “We’ve been working together for 10 years, and even admired her work before we started working together. She had a strong hand in creating fashion through hair,” says Tim.

Beyond the Black Hearts Ball, Tim and Thom are active with their own fashion brand, TIM+THOM, which they describe as a “community forward fashion brand.” By growing their own designs and highlighting new talent at each event they produce, they hope to become an incubator for local fashion.

“Without the tools to learn, you can’t grow,” says Thom.

“We’ve had interns go on to produce their own shows,” Tim adds.