Designer Danielle Everine talks fashion and vision

Designer Danielle Everine talks fashion and vision
Photo by Ingrid Werthmann

Danielle Everine views fashion as art. Each garment she makes has an intricate story behind it, and often an unconventional one. With Everine's collections of wooden collars, chastity belts, and arrow armor you can tell that her inspiration is complex and unique. This definitely makes Danielle one of the Twin Cities' most notable new designers.

Jane Belfry: How did you get your start in clothing design?

Danielle Everine: I was always interested in clothing as expression, so I pursued a fashion degree while studying in London. Then I returned to Minneapolis to study the art of fashion at the University of Minnesota. By focusing on sculptural clothing, I developed a place where I could exist in fashion and in the art world. Much of my work there concentrated on the subversion of oppressive beauty standards.

Designer Danielle Everine talks fashion and vision
Photo by Ingrid Werthmann

JB: How would you describe your aesthetic?

DE: My aesthetic is formed from an amalgamation of masculine and feminine, sheer and opaque, structure and transience. A series of contradictions are utilized to create looks that are at once pleasing and thoughtful. I'm passionate about textures, textiles, and details from history. I design with wools of different weaves and weights, linens, cottons, silks, leather, and fur. The clothing draws from menswear, but has become something of its own.

JB: Who is your ideal client? Who would you love to see in your designs?

DE: My ideal client is an adventurer that is both thoughtful and playful at heart. She is a serious cyclist, sailor, artist, equestrian, apiarist, or Olympic biathlete with an understanding that one must always look good.

JB: What are you inspired by?

DE: At the core of my design intent is a desire to explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of women through fashion. My work portrays the exaggerated heroines and victims of history and present. The visual inspiration comes from many venues and textiles: protective garb, intimate wear, menswear, landscapes, wood grains, leather, and furs. My fall 2010 collection focuses on women surviving and thriving in the wild-west. Sharp shooters, trail riders, purists, and rebels have made their mark!

JB: Where are your pieces available for purchase?

DE: They're available at Cliche boutique (2403 Lyndale Ave. S.). You can contact me directly for custom and specialized pieces.

JB: Tell us a bit about the Pale Rider runway show.

DE: Raul Osorio and I are united by equestrian and semi-historical themes. So we've come together to present our separate fall collections. We're both focused tailors and passionate about strong clothing, so we'll take show goers on a theatrical journey through time and place. The show will be visually amazing with a soundtrack to match with help from DJ So Gold and MNFashion.

Check out our earlier post on Everine's upcoming runway show, Pale Rider.

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