David Rathman's 'The Other Side of Sunday' exhibition closing this weekend

<i>Back From Luck to the Same Mistake</i>

Back From Luck to the Same Mistake

Thinking about the American Wild West tends to conjure up images of cowboys, horses, wide expanses of undeveloped land, and sunsets. Artist David Rathman perfectly translates these dusty images onto canvass, producing watercolor paintings that look as old, and as intriguing, as the Wild West itself.

If Rathman's work seems familiar, this may be because it has been on display  throughout the years in various exhibits at the Walker Art Center. One of them, in fact, is currently on display in "Goshka Macuga: It Broke from Within," currently showing at the museum. The piece looks tea-stained, with a brown silhouette of a cowboy. There is a surly sense of humor in some of his pieces, and in this piece is no exception. A sentence fills the space above the figure: "Let me Introduce myself. I'm the cold hard truth."


In a good western movie, it's difficult to keep from imagining what happens after a hero rides off into the sunset. It's just as hard to look at just one of Rathman's paintings without wanting to see more. Some of his works explore what could be called the new old west, in which broken down cars dot the landscape along with abandoned drive-in movie theaters. His current exhibition at the Weinstein Gallery, "The Other Side of Sunday," has over a dozen of his pieces on display. But not for much longer. The sun is setting on this must-see exhibition this weekend.

"David Rathman: The Other Side of Sunday" closes on Saturday, July 9. It is currently on display at the Weinstein Gallery (908 W. 46th St., Minneapolis). Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.