Dave Whannel at Rosalux Gallery

​After the bleak, white landscapes we continue to see these past few months, it is only natural to be more than happy to experience something else, even if it is a but distorted. 

The latest exhibit "Trick Horizons" at the Rosalux Gallery will be just that. The show features paintings by local artist Dave Whannel, who creates fresh landscapes with modern threads using abstract style, surrealism, collage, and distorted perspectives. 

Starting this Friday night, the Rosalux Gallery will exhibit Whannel's artwork through January 29. Dubbed a maximalist, Whannel takes the old saying "less is more" and does just the opposite. Quite literally, more is more in his work, adding layers and objects within the abstraction, making the whole piece compelling to look at from far away, and up close. 

​This intricate combination of style, technique, and thought create a distinct approach that is all his own. Whannel states that viewers will be reminded of a place they have seen before, yet everyone looking at his art will see something different. And that is exactly what he is going for. 

As we continue to endure this depressingly icy winter, taking an evening to survey Whannel's work could be a welcome change. The "Trick Horizon" opening reception will be Friday night from 7 until 11 p.m. at the Rosalux Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis.

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