Dave Chappelle's throwing a 'Juke Joint' party at Aria!


Every few years, Dave Chappelle just uproots his regular life and moves in to Minneapolis for a little while. As a city, we are very, very cool with this.

Obviously:  Tickets for a run of six shows at First Avenue sold out in a flash, so Chappelle added a couple more dates at the State Theater... then, when those disappeared between blinks, he added one more... and then a fourth. 

The comedian and Prince fanatic is turning the corner on that five-night stand, with the First Ave shows down, and three more — two tonight, two tomorrow — coming at the State Theater. It's not enough! 

On Thursday came the announcement that Chappelle plans to hang around through the weekend and throw Minneapolis a "Juke Joint" party at Aria on Monday night. From the event banner, it's not clear if Chappelle will be on the microphone himself, or just there having a good time. 

Frederic Yonnet, a French-born jazz harmonica virtuoso, is booked as the night's featured musical guest. Yonnet has joined Chappelle for similar "Juke Joint" jam sessions in Ohio, Chappelle's native state, and Chicago. New York-based DJ D-Nice is also scheduled to perform.

Tickets will go on sale through, and access is said to be "limited." (Aria has a maximum standing-room capacity of about 1,700, according to this site.) How much are tickets? When do they get on sale? HELP PLEASE GET ME IN TO THE CHAPPELLE PARTY HOW DO I? 


We don't know yet: Ticketing information has yet to be posted by either Aria or Ticketmaster. We'd tell you to stay tuned, but c'mon. It's Chappelle, it's Minneapolis. We know you would anyway.


The poster signs off with a line from Prince, beloved by both Chappelle and his local audience:


We'll update this post with ticket information once it's available.