Dang, there are a lot of naked dudes coming to State Theatre and Pantages


Forget seedy strip clubs or calling a stripper to your house. Majestic venues like the State Theatre and Pantages are planning to host some rowdy nights featuring naked guys.

This week, Magic Men announced their 2017 schedule. Stops along the way include Sioux Falls, Fargo, and... Minneapolis' State Theatre. The male revue, which looks to be inspired by the monster hit Magic Mike, features guys dancing, grinding, flirting, and removing a variety of costumes while ladies scream hysterically.

"[The show is] designed to stimulate the desires of contemporary women: young, young at heart, single, married, or just looking for something fun and new," the release states. "Magic Men Live features a talented and lovable cast of stunning guys sure to appeal to a variety of tastes."

For those looking for "loveable" and presumably oiled-up dudes, they'll be arriving at the State on April 15. Tickets go on sale February 17.

Meanwhile over at Pantages, ladies and gents can watch two guys do magic tricks while naked. The Nude Magicians will be coming to Minneapolis this Sunday to perform R-rated magic tricks in the buff. Those tickets are on sale now, and range from $26-$87.