Dancers Who Write readings at the Bryant-Lake Bowl

Author Anya Achtenberg

Author Anya Achtenberg

For those who fumble over words when they speak, writing can be an alternative that enables them to sound more eloquent. Similarly, some people dance to express themselves--how could they put those emotions on the page when only dancing will do? Linda Shapiro and Rebecca Frost are delving in to the connection between movement and writing at the Bryant-Lake Bowl tonight.


The fifth installment of their series, Dancers Who Write, explores the literary talents of Twin Cities writers who are also dancers and choreographers. This evening's readings include Frost's self-penned poetry, and special guest Anya Achtenberg will read from her novel-in-progress, History Artist, as well as an excerpt from her essay "How Can We Know the Writer from the Dancer?" It is rumored that there will be Salsa music for the show tonight--which just might help to answer that question.

Dancers Who Write is at 7 p.m. at the Bryant-Lake Bowl (810 West Lake Street), doors open at 6 p.m. The cover is $6-$12 (pay what you can).