Cult Status Gallery's Deuce Seven mural to be painted over

Cult Status Gallery's Deuce Seven mural to be painted over

While some art is created to spark controversy, we don't think that was Cult Status Gallery's intention when it commissioned an exterior mural by awesome local artist Deuce Seven. Although the project was green-lit by the building's owners, there have been complaints from other tenants uncomfortable with the location's new appearance. Will the detailed, colorful exterior be whitewashed into a distant memory? While we're holding out hope that the work will survive, it's looking pretty grim.

Cult Status Gallery's Deuce Seven mural to be painted over

According to the gallery's Facebook page, two other tenants, Healing Garage and Shelter Interior Design, are onboard with keeping the mural. The gallery has yet to hear back from one other tenant in the building. A meeting will be held tomorrow between the owners and occupants, but it is believed that the mural will most likely be covered up sometime this weekend.

In true artist fashion, the gallery is planning to capture the repainting on film. They are inviting artists, neighbors, and others interested to come and give a final toast (or to heckle, should the mood strike) as the artwork disappears.

Local artist Deuce Seven is known for his colorful, wispy, thread-like paintings filled with characters both ominous and whimsical. In addition to various public graffiti projects throughout the country, he has also exhibited at the Soo Visual Arts Center and has created cover art for City Pages.

For updates on the status of the mural, and when/if it is going to be repainted, check out the gallery's Facebook page.

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