Courtney Love: Fashion blogger

Courtney Love jumped on the blogging bandwagon by launching her fashion blog, What Courtney Wore Today. The blog is self-explanatory, Courtney posts photos of and tidbits about what she is wearing.

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Photo from What Courtney Wore Today

In typical Love fashion, it can be a bit jumbled and hard to understand, like this post for example:

T. im sure she'll lose whatever, she got too skinny and scared everyone
half to death when she first arrived in Manhattan, so i think she'll if
that's what her heart is set on - but i have one name,.... RUSSELL
SIMMONS... she may do a major game change, am not free to state what it
is. Perhaps X. is right , look at Renee Zellweger or Kidman they are
waaay too skinny and they get the campaigns , i also know she's up for
a Major Perfume campaign thanks to Panos and Riccardo and the good
people of LVMH..well see. First she's got to do a radical game change
as people in the flyover states still think she's on drugs, or Bi Polar
or something. They just don't have a clue she's obsessed with her
wardrobe, i think she;s in chicago today, my first text this morning
from CLC was a bit cryptic

Will Courtney Love be fighting the likes of style bloggers for front row seats at fashion week? We doubt it. But nonetheless, WCWT is sure to be a fun a read and a guilty pleasure. If you want to see Courtney in all her glory (and perhaps some Balenciaga), head to First Avenue on Friday. Hole will be playing with opening act Foxy Shazam.

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