Court & Zach's Desperate for Attention Twin Cities TourFest is ready to invade

Court & Zach's Desperate for Attention Twin Cities TourFest is ready to invade
Image courtesy Courtney McLean and Zach Coulter
A failed Kickstarter campaign isn't going to derail Courtney McLean and Zach Coulter's Court & Zach's Desperate for Attention Twin Cities TourFest, an ambitious 12 nights of comedy in 12 venues around the Twin Cities.

"The Kickstarter not being funded was something Zach and I were prepared to deal with; we had sent a caveat to all our performers about the non-guarantee of payment in that case. And it didn't seem to bother anyone," McLean says. The two are preparing for their first night of the tour, Wednesday, at the Bryant-Lake Bowl.

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"We've had two cancellations, but neither due to money. We've also been able to keep most of the Kickstarter prizes we accrued and we'll be using those as giveaways at the shows themselves. We were unable to secure a venue for December 13, so that date's still up in the air, but that's just due to bad luck. Other than that, nothing has changed. We're still going to have a kick-ass TourFest," she says.

The idea came from Coulter, who approached McLean about a tour. "I thought he meant our bands the Dirty Curls and Valley Meadows, but he actually just wanted the two of us to do a showcase of the different kinds of performance we do," says McLean.

That includes comedic music, standup comedy, and storytelling, along with "whatever else we have in our bag of tricks. Tap dancing? Possibly," she says.

The duo will work with different guest artists each night, and give each performance a different broad focus. If you want to "follow" the tour like a latter-day Deadhead, you can have a fresh experience every night. 

"The December 6 show at Cause is going to be three metal bands with Paul D doing his punk poetry in between. There are standup shows, a couple of folk/Americana/bluegrass shows, and for our closing show we have a jazz group and a hip-hop group," McLean says.

While the tour marks the end of 2013 for the pair, there are certainly plenty of ideas for 2014. "The Dirty Curls are releasing our first full-length record on Stand Up! Records, called This One's for Dad, hopefully in time for Valentine's Day. Zach is working on Valley Meadows projects: new songs, new album, shows, and more webisodes of The Valley Meadows Show. And maybe, just maybe, we'll start talking about next year's TourFest," McLean says.


Court & Zach's Desperate for Attention Twin Cities TourFest
December 4-15
Various locations
Admission varies by location, free to $15
For a full schedule, including performance venues, guest artists, and other information, visit online.

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