Cosplay tips for this weekend's Superhero Festival

This Saturday, superheroes (and super villains) of all ages will don their finest capes, helmets, and masks and descend on St. Paul for the Superhero Festival at Leonardo's Basement. Last year's summer festival, which featured a Harry Potter theme, attracted over 1,200 guests for a day of creative family fun. This year's event is likely to draw an equally packed crowd. 

The festival will include projects created at Leonardo's Basement by students and volunteers, such as enormous replica structures of iconic comic book locations like Gotham City, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and more. It will also feature a full day's worth of games, crafts, food, and, of course, cosplay. 

While the first rule of cosplay is "there is no wrong way to cosplay," there are still plenty of ways to stand out in the crowd this weekend. To help you get started on picking that perfect crime-fighting costume (or mayhem-stirring ensemble, if that's more your thing), we've put together some quick tips for weekend superheroes.

1) Avoid the duplicates

Oh what's that? You're Batman? Cool. You and 100 other bros. Look, we aren't hating on the Dark Knight, but the reality is there's no worse thing than showing up for a superhero bash dressed like everybody else. Plus, you run the risk of being out-Batman'd (or having your kiddo out-Batman'd) by somebody else. Our suggestion: Look for someone a little more off the grid or unusual to idolize for the day. Plus, the more unique you are, the more attention you'll get from your fellow superheroes. 

Parents, take this as a tip: Being the lesser of two Batmans can ruin a child's self-esteem. Do you want that on your conscience?

2) Invent-a-Hero

The whole idea behind Leonardo's Basement is to encourage creativity and imagination. And what better way to celebrate those themes than by creating your own superhero? You don't have to be the craftiest person to think up your own bitchin' alter-ego. Got a pair of sweatpants and a football helmet? You're "Comfort Man!" Your super powers include talking people into easing up on the crime, in favor of sharing a few beverages in your driveway. How about an old prom or wedding dress and a lasso? Now you're "Bridesavia!" Your superhero quest is to save unsuspecting ladies from marrying awful bros. Maybe a leather jacket and some tiny swim trunks? You're Fonzie!* You possess the ability to turn on jukeboxes with your fists, and jump sharks on water skis. The possibilities are endless.

*That last one isn't original, but if you show up looking like the Fonz, you officially win the Superhero Festival.

3) Don't pick a fight

This seems like a no-brainer, but you know how cosplaying can get. One guy is dressed as the Joker, he overhears someone say something bad about Heath Ledger, next thing you know, there's green hair, shredded capes, and tears everywhere. We get it; being bad is way more fun than being good. Just keep your evil doings to a minimum.

Remember: We all have a superhero inside of us. Find yours and bring it with you to St. Paul this weekend. 


Superhero Festival
August 10, 3-9 p.m. 
Griggs Park
1188 Hubbard Ave., St. Paul
All ages, free admission

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