Cooler than @CondeElevator: Five outrageous local tweeters


On August 6, an anonymous Twitter account with the following inscription was born: "Things heard in Conde Nast elevators do not stay in Conde Nast elevators. Email what you hear to [email protected]"

In less than a week @CondeElevator gained more than 60,000 followers; more than many of Conde's official Twitter feeds including Details (20,000) and Allure (55,000). The renegade account is also on the brink of eclipsing Glamour's 86,000 followers.

So what makes the feed so captivating? It pretty much affirms the general public's suspicions of bitchery on the media giant that houses magazines like Vogue, Lucky, Details, and GQ. From unforgiving fashion advice to food-related judgment to social elitism--it's all on @CondeElevator. It even features appearances by Anna Wintour à la The Devil Wears Prada.

[jump] Here are a few sample tweets:

Rumors have circulated around the internet about the mystery tweeter's identity, which hasn't been solved though a few names have been thrown around. Since its start a few weeks ago, people in the building have said that the elevators have been pin-drop silent in efforts to keep any nasty comments off the TwitFeed. Folks may be talking again, however, since the feed's last tweet suggests that there will be no more posts.

Needless to say, the viral success of @CondeElevator created a multitude of spin-off elevator Twitter feeds, including sad attempts by Hearst and Goldman Sachs.


Now, these Minneapolis tweeters haven't amassed the tweeps that Conde Nast has, but they've got a hell of a lot more than 36 tweets to their names. We've picked a sampling of five outrageous Minneapolis-based tweeters with a little bit of the @CondeElevator spunk running through their veins.


Why? Because he's most likely to see something strange outside while neglecting his office duties.



TwitPic or it didn't happen.


Why? Because she's most likely to beat you to a boutique sale while running in platforms.


Shouldn't the ultra-Scandinavian presence in Minnesota prep these employees for working at a place that pretty much means "north stream" in Swedish? Duh.


Why? Because she's most likely to write on The Tangential about that awful new fashion trend you're sporting.



To be fair, he was a little cutie pie regardless of his proximity to said dumpster.



Why? Because he's most likely to "accidentally" step on your Jimmy Choos at a club.


That was us at Too Much Love. We were jealous of your boots.


Why? Because she's most likely to tell it like it is with a healthy helping of snark.




She's looking at you, kid. Chip in and throw down for one of those tees.