Contribute to Alec Soth's 'From Here to There' Flickr project


Amateur and professional photographers looking for an inspiration prompt should be sure to check out Alec Soth's latest project, 'From Here to There.' The artist, in conjunction with the Walker Art Center, has recently created a Flickr pool where participants can share images.

But the pool isn't collecting any image; Soth is specifically looking for pictures of the following:

Amateur Paintings
Unusually Tall People
Museum Guards
Sleeping Children
Neighborhood Bars
Supermarket Cashiers

The list was created by Soth based on his 2002 business card, which was around the time of his "Sleeping by the Mississippi" collection. The photographer professes to often employ lists himself as an "excuse to get out the door." Those interested in participating in this photography scavenger hunt are invited to upload images to the project's Flikr pool until September 27. Check out Soth's blog for more info.

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