Conan O'Brien returns to TV tonight, goes up against 'The Daily Show'


It has been an explosive year for Conan O'Brien. While many would assume that being promoted to host of the Tonight Show would be a career highpoint, it instead was a train wreck. When Jay Leno's hour-long program failed to nab ratings and revolutionize television, he began a passive-aggressive campaign to get the show back, which he eventually won. Yet despite the controversy, O'Brien kept it classy, making sure that his crew would be compensated during their time of unemployment, and even hitting creative high notes making fun of the situation (Jay Leno and NBC execs didn't emerge anywhere near as unscathed).

After a brief stint traveling on the The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour, the much-beloved television host is returning to the idiot's box tonight on TBS. But will O'Brien be facing even more hurdles in his lengthy career?

[jump] With any late-night time slot comes challenges. Air your talk show too early and you risk losing audiences and advertisers to hit dramas (as Leno previously learned). Air it too late and your show may be as hard to remember as last night's dream (hello, Carson Daly). Conan O'Brien's Conan on TBS will air weeknights at 10 p.m. While he won't be going up against Letterman and Leto or any of his other colleagues, he will be going head-to-head against another late night giant, The Daily Show.

That said, O'Brien is obviously not struggling to book guests on his show. Tonight's premiere will include Seth Rogan, Lea Michelle, and musical guest Jack White. Jon Hamm, friend Jack McBrayer, Soundgarden, and Tom Hanks are also scheduled to appear later in the week.

So what has Team Coco been doing to prepare for this new production? Well, apparently they recently filmed a man dressed as a giant taco dancing in the office hallways: