"Complete Sonnets Festival" brings out the all-stars

Actually, her eyes are somewhat like the sun . . .
Actually, her eyes are somewhat like the sun . . .
Crist Ballas/Zach Curtis

Here's a sampler of artists appearing:

Barbra Berlovitz


Bain Boehlke


Carlyle Brown


Joe Chvala


Christiana Clark


Jon Ferguson


Leif Jurgenson


John Miller-Stephany


Jennifer Baldwin Peden

, and

Wade Vaughn

And that's just a more or less random sample. We have actors, people from the dance world, directors, multi-disciplinary performers, and just about every kind of stage artist in town. And they're each going to offer a distinctive take on some of the most sublime and sophisticated poetry in the English language. 

The show is going to be broken up into two programs: one running Friday May 21, the second Saturday May 22. Both programs will run concurrently on Sunday May 23. The event is a start-up for the Ensemble, a new local company dedicated to producing works from the English Renaissance. This will be one hell of a kick-off. 

The Complete Sonnets Festival runs May 21-23. All seats are $25 and can be bought here

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