Comedian Chris Maddock celebrates Chris Maddock Day


There are lots of famous people in the world, but only a select few have their very own holiday named after them.

Actually, the list is pretty slim: Jesus (Christmas), Rex Manning (Rex Manning Day), and local comedian Chris Maddock.

This Friday, the town of Stillwater will celebrate the second-annual Chris Maddock Day with a night of comedy, trivia, and drinking at Lift Bridge Brewery.

A Stillwater native, Maddock has been a favorite of the Twin Cities comedy scene for more than a decade, and has proven himself to be one of the funniest, most versatile performers in town. As the promoter and host of the weekly Death Comedy Jam open mic at Grumpy’s in downtown, he’s known for running one of the most unpredictable and consistently entertaining showcases you’ll find anywhere locally. He’s also part of the comedy super-group the Turkeys, and has performed solo at every club, bar, brewery, and music venue where you can find a stage and a mic (and, most importantly, he was named Best Comedian in the 2014 City Pages Best Of issue).

It was last year, however, when Maddock etched his name in the annals of history, as Mayor Ted Kozlowski made an official mayoral decree that April 15 would be known forever as Chris Maddock Day in Stillwater.

This Saturday, comedians Isaac Witty, Nate Abshire, and Colleen Doyle Justice will open for Maddock, getting the night started out on the right note. In addition, the event will also feature a trivia game, called Are You Smarter Than the Mayor?, with Mayor Kozlowski and trolley tour guide Miles Winslow, who will be squaring off in the ultimate game of Stillwater trivia.


On top of his homecoming extravaganza, next week Maddock and musical partner Adam Quesnell will debut their new two-man acoustic band, Let There Tight, at Joke Joint Comedy Club on April 20 (GET IT? 4/20? LIKE MARIJUANA!), giving you another chance to check out Maddock’s comedy styling. Before he takes over the Twin Cities, we thought we’d look back on a couple of Maddock’s Greatest Hits to help get you in the mood for the celebration this weekend.

Top Turkey

As part of the multi-headed comedy monster known as the Turkeys, the group took the sketch comedy scene by storm with Maddock playing the star role in much of their best material. 

Funny Family Man

While Chris is the "professional" funny person in his family his wife, Kryss, and son, Waylon, have also gotten in on the act. Kryss has teamed up with her husband in the past for Comedy Corner Underground's Take My Wife...Instead shows, where a spouse performs their significant other's material. Waylon recently made his comedy debut alongside his proud pop during the Sunday night comedy free-for-all known as Boy Kisses. While he's clearly funny, there is also something genuinely sweet about a guy who loves his family enough to push them into the spotlight. 

Country music superstar

Over the past few years, Maddock has flexed his musical muscles by incorporating his guitar into his standup act (hence, the birth of Let There Be Tight). As one of the few local comedians that successfully blends music with comedy, Maddock does an amazing job of keeping the audience on their toes and bringing something unique to the stage, even after all these years of performing live. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Chris Maddock time! 


Chris Maddock Day

Friday, April 15, 7:30 p.m.

Lift Bridge Brewery


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