Come Rain or Shine, 30 Days of Biking Revels in Two-Wheeled Transit [Video]

Almost 300 people gathered in Gold Medal Park on a rainy Sunday morning, bicycles in tow, to kick off 30 Days of Biking. The challenge started in 2010 in Minneapolis and is still going strong five years later, despite this year's crummy spring weather.

"The weather sucks right now, but we're gonna do it anyway!" said Patrick Stephenson, co-founder of 30 Days of Biking.

Sunday's kick-off ride wound up clocking in at 14 miles, with the cyclists ending up at a small party after the ride. The actual challenge starts on April 1 (no joke!) and runs throughout the month. In addition to the kick-off event, there will be several other group-oriented rides throughout the Twin Cities, including a pastry ride, a tour de breweries, and an adventure ride.

Folks will pledge to ride their bikes every day while posting a daily tweet or Facebook status to talk about their experiences while cycling around the cities. "We feel that storytelling is inspirational and will encourage more people to bike," explained Stephenson.

For every 30 people that pledge, the 30 Days of Biking crew will donate a bicycle to Free Bikes for Kids, but there are other benefits to participating.

"People talk about [how] you save money when you bike, you get fitter, but what really gets people to bike is the happiness, the joy. That's what we're all about," said Stephenson.

For more information about 30 Days of Biking and to sign up, visit their website.

Video production by Todd Wardrope for City Pages.

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