'Coffee: The World in Your Cup' opens at the Bell Museum of Natural History

According to the National Coffee Guide website, there are at least 562 coffee shops in Minnesota. The list would be even longer if it included other venues, such as bookstores or gas stations that encourage people to perk up their energy along with their engines.

For many, it's difficult to get from point A to point B without caffeine. And though a percentage of folks are coffee snobs, many don't quite know what goes into making a hot cup of joe--gourmet or not.

A new exhibit, opening this weekend at the Bell Museum of Natural History, dives into answering the questions that percolate about the world's most popular beverage.


"Coffee: The World in Your Cup" explores all areas of the mighty bean. As the global beverage of choice, there is an intricate mingling of economics, methods of production, and countries of origin involved in the business of the brew.

Using maps, photos, artifacts, and audio-visual presentations, the exhibit explores all of these things. It also answers questions surrounding the effects of caffeine on humans, the science behind brewing a cup of coffee, and the politics behind the bitter coffee bean, including shifts in workers' rights and new environmental concerns surrounding the industry.

You can check out the exhibit at the Bell Museum of Natural History through November 27.