Cliche wants you to look fab on date night (and other mega sales and salon news)


It feels like spring outside (hey, global warming, nice to see you again).

It should be pretty lovely outside this weekend, which means you should be out and about enjoying the weather before the deep freeze returns. It feels sort of sacrilegious not to, despite the fact that global warming will eventually kill us all. Anyway! Boost your mood with fun sales and events and try not to think of impending doom.

Date Night sale at Cliché
Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a few more dresses. It’s gonna be spring eventually, so get ready for it. South Minneapolis’ legendary boutique Cliché is offering 20-percent off all dresses through this Friday, and their racks are packed with new arrivals in cute prints and fun colors. If the temp gets up to the 50s or higher, why not bare your legs in a new dress? You can always wear tights and a sweater with it when winter returns. (The groundhog doesn’t lie, okay?) Cliché, 2403 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis.



INTOTO is back… sort of
Remember the beloved, fashion-forward boutique INTOTO on the corner of 31st and Hennepin? It’s been gone for some time, and other stores have tried to replicate the magic in the same spot, but it hasn’t worked out. Now, JUUT salon has taken over INTOTO’s space and turned it into a training salon for young, fresh stylists. Cuts are just $30 and blowouts are only $25, which means we'll be there every weekend getting our hair styled just like an old lady at the beauty shop. The new owners kept the name the same, which is a nice nod to the legacy of the building. If you’re tired of spending hours at the Aveda Institute but not ready to pay JUUT prices, INTOTO is your new salon spot. (Full disclosure: I work with Aveda corporate, but opinions are my own.) 3105 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis.



Value Village 50-percent off President’s Day Sale
Whenever there’s a national holiday, you can bet thrift stores will have 50-percent off sales. It’s always crazy busy, but you can score amazing deals. Arc’s Value Village is celebrating President’s Day with 50-percent off at their Twin Cities locations (Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Richfield, New Hope, St. Paul) -- but only on Monday. If you’ve got stuff sitting in a corner waiting to be dropped off, they’re looking for donations to help stock stores pre-sale. Toss it in your car, and drop it off before grocery shopping. Monday, February 20. Arc’s Value Village, various Twin Cities locations.