Cliche helps folks Avoid the Grey this Saturday

Cliche helps folks Avoid the Grey this Saturday

For Delayna Sundberg, co-owner of Cliché, dreary winter weather often means drab fashion choices. To help Minnesotans (and herself) get out of this seasonal funk, and to bring some color back to our wardrobes, the Minneapolis boutique hosts an annual fashion show highlighting what is coming up for spring/summer.

"I was cranky with customers and with myself for only buying black during the winter because it's safe," she says. "It was like we all went into a hibernation period of blacks, greys, and, oh yeah, more blacks. It's usually overcast and grey this time of year, and everyone is sick of winter. I wanted to do an annual show called Avoid the Grey to shake up the mid-winter blahs."

Amanda Natzel of Amanda Christine Designs, one of the designers participating in Avoid the Grey, says that her spring line will bring a fresh and colorful look to any woman's closet.

"My collection consists of bright and floral day dresses and separates that can easily transition from work to play," she says. "I've been focusing more on sharply tailored pieces, including trousers, jackets, and dresses."

Avoid the Grey will follow a different format this year. Instead of showing off full spring/summer collections, designers will share only one garment. For the event, each was paired with a local artist to create an 8x8 foot box, and the only way to see inside is through a small peephole. In each box there will be one avant-garde piece that embodies the designer's spring/summer collection, with the rest of the space being used to represent the inspiration for their work.

"It's very Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho," Sundberg says. "They are creating these little worlds where the inside of the box represents the designer's mind and the inspiration for their upcoming collection."

Sundberg says that while there's nothing wrong with a  runway show, she was looking to do something different this year, and wanted the audience to see garments for more than 30 seconds on the runway. Natzel thinks that the new format adds another dimension of creativity.

"The boxes offer insight into fashion designers' creative mind, and the scene will be executed by some amazing artists and hair and makeup stylists," she says. "Traditional runway shows only give you a glimpse at a look, where Avoid the Grey will allow you to really study an outfit and appreciate all the work that goes into it.

The evening has been split into two segments: From 7 to 8:30 p.m. guests can see looks by Carmichael Claith, KR Designs, Rachel Blomgren, Chrysopoeia, Gina Marie Vintage, Larissa Loden Jewelry, Amanda Christine Designs, Sweet T, ArielSimone, and r e a l i a by Jen. At 8:30 p.m. looks by kjurek couture, KR Designs, Danielle Everine, Sarah M. Holm, Cocoquette, and Needle & Black will be on display.

The event will also feature a short film by Andrea Bursott. "The underlying theme for the film is alchemy and the process of transformation," Burscott says. "Since alchemy is chock-full of mystery, symbolism, and layers of interpretations, it lends itself well as a visual art film for projecting at the Avoid the Grey."


Avoid the Grey
Saturday, February 4
7 p.m.
79 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis
$10 tickets presold at Cliché
2403 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

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