City Pages theater critic makes final send-off with trivia question, prize

The trash-house splendor of "The Dazzle" at the Jungle in 2004
The trash-house splendor of "The Dazzle" at the Jungle in 2004
by Michal Daniel
Today marks the end of a six-year run as City Pages theater critic for me, and even though I've already said my goodbyes, a look back at an enormous stack of clippings revealed an interesting coincidence, and a trivia question with a prize for the first person to respond correctly. The Dazzle (pictured) was one of the first shows I covered for CP, but not the first. Trivia question follows.

Here's the question: The same performer appeared in the first show I reviewed for City Pages, as well as the last show that I reviewed for City Pages. Who is that performer?

Do you have the answer? We'll be selecting a winner randomly from correct answers posted on our Dressing Room Facebook page, The prize is a pair of free tickets to either The Master Butchers Singing Club or The 39 Steps at the Guthrie (thanks to the Guthrie's generosity). So put on those thinking caps.

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