City Pages photo contest: Week two winner, runners-up, and week three details


Week two of the City Pages photo contest came and went, and we're glad to report that our readers-turned-photographers didn't disappoint. 

Out of many strong submissions this week, a bunch tied as runners-up. Based on total points awarded by our judges, this week's winner ran away with the damn thing. For her winning shot, Sarah Frolick gets a pair of free tickets to the Pines concert at First Avenue on March 18. Congratulations, Sarah!

The week three winner gets dinner on us in the form of a $50 gift certificate to Signature Cafe, a Prospect Park neighborhood gem. As we wrote in 2013, Signature features local, organic ingredients, and  "homey dinner specials ranging from pot roast with mashed potatoes and broiled chicken breast, as well as more finely tuned plates like ginger-glazed scallops and slow-roasted duck leg confit."

And, if this puts you in the mood for great amateur photography, check back on our week one winner and runners-up

Winner: Sarah Frolick, lighthouse in Canal Park on Lake Superior


Runner-up: Abbie Bridenstine, water and ice

Runner-up: Christopher Sain, gold-tinted kids

Runner-up: Jeremy Tavener, snow, ice, and rock

Runner-up: Charlie Leibold, Minnehaha Falls

Runner-up: Angie Martinez, industrial sunset at Harriet Island

Whew. That's a lot of good shots.

You can do better, though. 

Here's a restating of our rules, plus the deadline for this week's contest. 

Remember, there are three ways to participate. Either submit your photos to web editor Mike Rietmulder at [email protected], @ us at our @citypages account on Twitter, send us a direct message on our Facebook page

1.) Photos must be otherwise unpublished. This doesn't disqualify something that you've already rushed out on Twitter or Instagram. But it does mean that if your photo was already bought by National Geographic, you can't submit the same one for our contest.

2.) Amateurs only, please. We have the utmost respect for people who make a living as professional photographers. That's why we pay them to take pictures for us. This contest is for the average Joes and Janes who take snaps on the side. If we find out you're a ringer, we'll have to disqualify your entry. 

3.) Photos should be recent. We know you love that photo you took of Hubert Humphrey catching a loon with his bare hands. We love it too. But you can't dig into the archives to win our game. Photos must be taken during this calendar year – 2016, if you have suffered a recent head injury – in order to quailfy.

4.) You can submit up to five photos. Some of you sheepishly asked if you could submit more than one photo. Of course you can! Others of you just boldly submitted 25 photos at a time. Please don't do that! To help us keep a tight, orderly contest running, please limit yourself to five photos per week.

5.) You may submit the same photo more than once. But we'll get sick of it if you send it four weeks in a row. Get out there and take some more! 

6.) Selfies and photos of your pet, baby, or delicious-looking dinner count. But they're going to have to be mighty fine to win the grand prize. Should your pet or baby somehow take a selfie, you are allowed to submit this as your entry, though fairness dictates you should share the prize.


7.) City Pages editors will vote to determine the winner. And we won't play favorites. We have very few friends to begin with, and we're not so sure about them, anyway.

8.) Photos must be submitted by the deadline of 5 p.m. Sunday, March 6.  The winner and runners-up will be announced Monday, March 7, and we'll contact the winner directly with details on how to pick up the free concert tickets. <!—–––––EndFragment–––––—>