City Pages has a new theater critic

City Pages is pleased to announce that arts and entertainment writer Ed Huyck has joined our cast in the role of theater critic. He is charged with the enviable but daunting task of covering one of the most vibrant theater cultures in America, a scene that includes more than 100 performing arts companies, from the Guthrie to the smallest experimental troupes.

Reviewing the vast output of Twin Cities plays every week requires enormous energy, a discerning critical palate, a lively and opinionated writing style, and an iron butt. Huyck has proven his mettle in the Twin Cities theater community, where he has worked as the principal critic of the online newspaper MinnPost for the past three years. As a local freelance writer, he has written on arts and entertainment for nearly all of the major publications in the Twin Cities and has worked as a reporter and editor for more than 20 years. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism and Mass Communication and is a past officer of the American Theatre Critics Association.

You may have noticed Huyck's first Theater column for City Pages this week, filling in for our departing longtime critic Quinton Skinner. With his hiring now official, Huyck's reviews will be appearing every week in City Pages, along with posts on our arts blog Dressing Room, previews in A-List, and other City Pages forums.

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