Local comics artists explore the Twin Cities' nighttime activity. Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

City Pages 10th annual Comix Issue: Late night Twin Cities

There are myriad ways to experience the Twin Cities once the sun sets.

For our 10th annual Comix Issue, we asked local artists to riff on the theme “late night Twin Cities.” Submissions were as diverse as our nightlife scene, ranging from sarcastic struggles to find late-night eats, the evolution of an artist's after-dark adventures, and unabashed sentimentality for our twin towns.

These 12 comic strips not only highlight the best and sometimes worst aspects of our late-night activity (beware the “Drunqueens” and “Kreepsters”). But they also showcase the work of talented cartoonists who call Minneapolis and St. Paul home.

So enjoy this collection of reflective, celebratory, and hilarious comics, and let us know if you've got a line on a solid late-night sub shop in St. Paul.

Lucy Lawson 



Tom Ryan


Zach Dennis


Corey Sweeter


Erik Lervold


Alex Mitchell


Josh Stifter





Elle Hansen



Taylor Payton

Arianna Fahrenkamp
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Jane Meyer
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