Cirque du Soleil still wows with long-running Alegria

Cirque du Soleil still wows with long-running Alegria
Once a loose grouping of troupes, Cirque du Soleil is now a behemoth performing powerhouse brought to you by American Express (who they thank before the show begins). Though the circus may have corporatized over the years, they have reached such heights of popularity and financial success for a reason: By continuing to provide performance experiences unlike any other.


, like most of the troupe's shows, is a blending of theatrics, acrobatics, aerial artists, and clown work. There's a story arch in there somewhere, but unless you read the website beforehand or buy a program at the show, you probably won't be able to parse it out. It doesn't really matter though, the show is more about being in the moment anyway.

Last night's opening performance wasn't sold out, but it was respectably full and the crowd appeared to be genuinely enthusiastic, if a little overdressed for the occasion (the folks sitting next to my friend and I smelled so strongly of perfume, cologne, and styling products that we actually moved during intermission).

Highlights included a performer who could work eight metal rings simultaneously, another who balanced on his hands on sticks while fusing pommel horse and ring gymnastic moves, and two contortionists (pictured above) who could twist into shapes most humans never will.

Alegria runs from June 23 to June 27 at the Target Center. Tickets are priced at $42-$101 dollars. For more info, visit

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