'Cinderfella' opens this Saturday at the Ritz Theater

​The 1960s gave birth to many fabulous things, from Mary Poppins to Beatlemania to beehive hairdos, our world just wouldn't be the same without them, including the 1960 film Cinderfella with Jerry Lewis. Who hasn't wondered what a fairytale like Cinderella would be like if the tables were turned? 

Lucky for us, the newest production by the Ballet of the Dolls over at Ritz Theater uses this 1960s dance film gem for their inspiration. 

The Ballet of the Dolls' "Cinderfella" production will take place in a 1960s Beverly Hills mansion, complete with a malicious stepmother, evil interfering stepbrothers, the oh-so vital protagonist (the fella), a Fairy Godfather, and a Princess Charming (or Princess Charmine, in this case). 

​Using the lighthearted, groovy film as a launching point, creative director Myron Johnson took this fairytale twist and ran with it, just in time for the holidays. 

The story, as told by Jerry Lewis, features a fella who is forced to live with step-family after his father dies. Of course there's a ball, but poor fella is not invited. He still manages to get there, leaves a certain something behind when running out at midnight, and the rest is history that we all know too well.

Featuring the biggest and most elaborate set the Dolls have ever had, with music, clothes, and wigs from the '60s, this new production promises to be lively and entertaining for everyone, even the kids. 

The opening performance will be this Saturday, December 4. The show will run through the month, ending on Sunday, December 26. Tickets range from $24 to $29, and can be purchased online or at the door.