Cigarettes, human hair, and daily ritual: "Somethin's Rippin'" at SOOlocal

Cigarettes, human hair, and daily ritual: "Somethin's Rippin'" at SOOlocal

The second SOOlocal exhibit organized by Bruce Tapola closes at the end of this weekend. The show, "Somethin's Rippin'," features Tapola's daughter Oakley Tapola and Crystal Quinn, and is an homage to the artifacts of daily life. Closing earlier this month was "Weird Neighbor," the highly unusual exhibit Tapola also curated at the gallery.  

Cigarettes, human hair, and daily ritual: "Somethin's Rippin'" at SOOlocal

One of the first things you'll notice in the gallery is a cigarette theme. There are cigarette sculptures hanging at various points around the space. The cigarettes act as an entry point to the subtitle of the exhibit:

A snapshot of the comic dysfunctional of the parts of life that we depend on, work around, or attempt to fix: may we try half-assed or diligently, it is generally to no avail. 

We end up back where we began.

On a base level, the cigarettes work as a symbol of what entraps us. But they also speak to the rituals that we go through each day: at times mundane, but also deeply a part of us. 

The sense of ritual spreads out through other parts of the exhibit as well, where various objects almost become part of a shrine. There's a plastic bag filled with human hair, for example, that looks as if it's part of some kind of ceremony. Distorted American flags and hanging plastic eggs add a sense of festive holiday spirit. 

Cigarettes, human hair, and daily ritual: "Somethin's Rippin'" at SOOlocal
The cut-out T-shirts that hang on the walls have a certain reverence. There's one with a picture of Einstein, his eyes torn away, that feels like the leftovers of some spiritual awakening. 

It's this odd blend of humor with an almost ceremonial reverence that makes "Somethin's Rippin'" so interesting. Ultimately, the show seems to be about taking the things that are a part of our daily lives, that we become attached to in one way or another, and distancing them somehow -- even if that distance is attained by placing the object on a wall to be displayed. 


"Somethin's Rippin'"
Through Sunday, March 2
3506 Nicollet Ave. S.
Hours are by appointment, please contact SooVAC at 612-871-2263 to make arrangements or email [email protected]
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