Cherry Moon Press has the coolest Prince pin collection

Gigi Berry

Gigi Berry

While some Prince super-fans spend countless hours hunting down the rarest and coolest memorabilia to commemorate their Purple One, local designer Gigi Berry has taken her love and obsession one-step further.

This past March, she began producing her own Prince-themed enamel pins featuring some of the most beloved and most obscure references. From there, Cherry Moon Press was born.

“When I put my pins into production, Prince pins were few and far between, or they were just the love symbol,” she says of her business’ origins. “What sets me apart from other pin makers is that I am trying very hard not to touch the love symbol at all. I only want to make what hasn’t been made.”

This weekend, Berry will have a slew of never-before-seen designs at her Cherry Moon Press popup shop hosted by Seen the Future.

A pin collector from a very early age, Berry says it was Disney pins that got her hooked, but then she took a hiatus up until about year ago. Her collection includes references to TV shows, pro-wrestling, and other tributes to pop culture.

Gigi Berry

Gigi Berry Gigi Berry

“I love collecting,” she says. “It’s very addictive. Some people collect records, coffee mugs, those beer glasses; I collect pins.”

While her love of pins might have been reignited just recently, her Prince fandom has never wavered.

“From the moment I saw him in his music video for “7” [I was a Prince fan],” she explains. “He was just this enigma I was drawn to immediately. I also loved that his real name was Prince. As a person with a weird name myself, it made me feel good that someone else was out there with a weird name just like me.”

Gigi Berry's epic personal collection.

Gigi Berry's epic personal collection. Gigi Berry

With pin designs including the iconic First Avenue gold star (her best-seller, now retired), his Batman-era look, and some of his most well-known quips, Berry’s designs have made her a big presence in the Purple universe.

“The response is incredible,” she says. “I believe the Purple family knows my designs come from a place of love, and I have lots of people that return to purchase. I also love that I have been able to reach Prince fans around the globe. I started this with the intention to just sell to friends and family -- whoever would like my little pins -- and it's become bigger than I ever imagined.”

Looking ahead past this weekend, Berry hopes to expand beyond Prince-themed designs into other avenues.

“Hopefully, before the end of the year,” she says when asked about her business plans. “This is something I’ve wanted to do since I launched Cherry Moon Press, and I think it's finally time. Stay tuned!”


Cherry Moon Press Pop-up Shop
Seen the Future
2223 E. 35th St., Minneapolis
Noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21
Click here for details
You can also check out pins for sale at

Prince pins run the gamut.

Prince pins run the gamut. Gigi Berry