Chad Daniels is thankful to be playing his biggest MN venue yet this Thanksgiving weekend

Image courtesy the standup

Image courtesy the standup

Chad Daniels has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. His latest album, Footprints on the Moon, was released back in the spring and has become one of the most streamed comedy albums on Pandora. He recently signed with the prestigious William Morris Endeavors (WME). And this December 5 he stars in the long-awaited documentary I Need You to Kill, about Acme’s first trek through Asia.

Chad Daniels

The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

To celebrate, he’ll be performing in front of his largest hometown crowd yet this Saturday when he headlines the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.

“The last time I did a week at Acme, every show was sold out,” Daniels says. “Louis [Lee, Acme owner] said, 'Maybe we should try a bigger venue next time.' I was skeptical, because I always wonder how many people were coming out to see me as opposed to just coming to Acme because they know it’s going to be good. But I figured it was worth a shot.”

The show is nearly sold out, proving that Daniels himself is the reason for drawing such packed rooms. That said, he is still an Acme guy at heart.

“I said I’d do the Woman’s Club as long as we could all go to Acme after. Acme has always been such a big part of my life.”

By his own admission, Daniels’ career has grown over the years at a steady pace. He’s done late-night television and headlined comedy rooms across the country (and the globe), but he still relies on building his fan base one person at a time.

“It’s been a slow burn,” he says. “I always like to say my career is on like a 10 percent incline. I count on fans bringing their friends, and then making new fans out of those people.”

A Twin Cities headliner for many years, Daniels has a blunt, honest, and give-no-fucks take on parenting, love, and relationship dynamics that makes him one of the best comedians in the game today.

“I have a son. He is 16 years old, and he is currently… a pile of shit,” he says in one of his bits.

However, he goes on to discuss how his love meter has never dropped despite his son’s shitiness, a sentiment any parent can relate to. Daniels says that his children will actually be in attendance at his Woman’s Club show, which will bring a whole new meaning to the term “dad jokes.”

“I might bring them out at the end for a Q&A or something,” he says. As for his plans for 2018, don’t expect him making the leap to family comedy acting or anything like that. “I’d like to start breaking into new markets, and playing the Woman’s Clubs of other cities,” he says Daniels. “Then I’d like to record another hour maybe around March. I don’t know if I’ll do another album or a special. I kind of like doing albums because I don’t have to exercise or care about how I look.”


Chad Daniels
Woman’s Club of Minneapolis
Saturday, Nov. 25

7 p.m., $28