Chad Daniels does 'Conan,' releases new special for free

Chad Daniels isn't afraid to take chances. 

The Fergus Falls comedian is known for his unfiltered observations about marriage, family, and murder, as well as his take-no-prisoners attitude that he displays onstage. It's that fearlessness that has made him a favorite with crowds across the country. And it's also why he wasn't afraid to do his new standup special in just one take.

This past March, Daniels recorded the special at the place where he began his comedy career: Acme Comedy Co. Unlike some specials, however, where the comic records over several nights before editing together the best of each performance, Daniels rolled the dice.

"Louis [Lee, owner of Acme] and everyone at Acme were just awesome. They took 120 seats out of the room to accommodate video equipment, which is something not too many clubs would be willing to do," he explains. 

Though the special turned out great, it didn't come without a few hiccups.

"Some material didn't hit like it normally does," Daniels admits. "There were jokes that killed the next night, but during the taping people just stared at me."

Chad Daniels does 'Conan,' releases new special for free
Chad Daniels onstage

Instead of editing out these moments, he's keeping the one-hour performance as-is, and releasing it free of charge through this Tuesday, June 19 at midnight. The appropriately titled As Is is being released simultaneously with his new album, You're the Best, which was recorded in Cincinnati this past January and is being released by local comedy powerhouse Stand Up! Records, his second with the label. The decision to give the special away online for free, he explains, was modeled after recent successful DIY online comedy releases from mega-stars like Louis CK and Aziz Ansari.

"When you have a billion fans like Louis CK does, you can release your album online and do really well," he says. "But my goal is to just get my stuff in front of more people, and hopefully use the special as a way to get some more attention on the album. I could have shopped it around for TV, but by putting it online instead of cable everyone has access to it, which is what I really wanted."

To cap off Tuesday's Chad-a-Palooza (our words, not his), Daniels will be appearing on Conan that evening to promote his latest offerings. 

As for his upcoming plans, Daniels is now back to touring the country and working on material for another special. 

"It's important to get new material out there constantly," he explains. "It's great because an album can be out for six months before someone hears it for the first time and likes it, but once they do you better have more stuff out there to keep them interested."

While it may be a never-ending cycle to create new comedy, this Tuesday's release should definitely keep Daniels' fans content -- at least through the weekend.

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